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Diversity Blessings

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Sometimes dreams need to stay as dreams, because a dream is your hidden motivation that you need to keep it, protect it and make it bigger. While getting what you really want so fast, can kill your motivation too early.
It is the relation between desire and time. Only time can prove your real need, if enough time passed and you still have that desire for something which you’re not getting the chance to have, then it may turn from a simultaneous desire to a dream. People’s dreams are either under the category of a solution or what they think is the solution, in other words we think about a dream as it is the key for happiness door. But when we mistranslated destiny’s signs, here we may start sacrificing long-term goals for short-term desires which will push us far from our dream.
In order to see if this is what you have born to do, keep writing down your ideas and what you are passionate about and be honest with your paper. It is so nice when you read those notes after a year or two and you find that you achieved some of them and even you sat new goals that you’re on your way to achieve them. Some people blame their destiny for not being surrounded by supporters during the journey, here you need to know that entertaining cities grow faster, which means you need to find who shares you the same passion in life because an idea is like a plant that will never grow until it finds its convenient environment to grow in.
When do you know that you have to change your dream?
When it starts to bring to your heart the beats of fear instead of the beats of happiness. For example, when your dream is just the pure perfection which is an exhausting thing that you’ll never reach, but you still can try to be close to it without being obsessed about it because humans were created perfectly imperfect and that what makes each one of us unique by what he has.