After 2006 many families were forced to leave their homes, then the ISIS cries started in 2014 which resulted in many families to be forced to leave their own houses and almost all what they have.


A big number of people were killed, mostly from the minority groups, till now more than 1000 Ezidi women were killed and raped.

Despite of that, many people were able to reach safe places in Kurdistan Region or in the south of Iraq. The displaced people now are living in schools, mosques, churches, camps and other places. Even that many organizations tried to help the IDPs living in the camps, but what is provided is just not enough and people are suffering lack of drinking water, food, clothes, healthcare and education.The current situation in the camps is unhealthy at all which is making children and the disabled people the biggest victims of such situation. People with high blood pressure, diabetes, Asthma, Osteoporosis and other dangerous diseases are not getting any kind of medication in the camps, while some of them are in need for emergent surgeries.

20141109_123609[1]The IDPs in Iraq have a lot of fears for the future, some of them are thinking of finding a way to leave the country, some are thinking of staying at their new places and the others are hopping to go back to their houses soon even though they are really afraid that this dream will not be possible in near future.

Those children between age 4 and 9 are living in the camp and they miss their schools and their old life, saying ” We left everything behind us and we went to different places till we reached this place. it is safe here but still we hope to go home one day”


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