Are we suffering from a shock?

             Are our people suffering from a shock? So first what is the shock? And which type of shock or shocks is this? If we think a little and just try to specify the problems first then we can start solving them , as we know that specifying the issues is half of the solution!…

Most of us know some of the personal and social shocks types and maybe we already have been through some of them by ourselves, heard about it by our relatives or it was a whole socially issue … but from one of my readings I found that there are many types of shocks that the Iraqi person may have lived or still living with till now!

Some of these types are:

1. Accidents.

2. Hurting people on purpose.

3. Poverty.

4. Homelessness and migration.

5. Human made crises: like chemical pollution and destroyed buildings.

6. Dictators and occupations.

7. Genocide and wars.

8. Natural crises like earthquakes and floods.

9. Ignoring the needs of disabled people.

10. Dangerous diseases.

11. Accidental missing of beloved ones, places, owns identity, home or territory.

12. Accidental changes in lows, familiar things and revolutions.

13. Failed medical surgeries.

14. Torture.

15. Watching of death or injury.

There are a lot of reasons for shocks and the reactions are widely different, because it depends on traditions and cultures.

In addition to that there are also the fake crises that were used to suppress peoples’ voices and to limit their energies like fuel crises, sugar, paper, electricity, traffic jams and many others.

Those crises, the fake ones and the real ones, all helped to lower the people immunity, taking his will away and leaving him weak in front of any new virus that can attack the society.



shock chart
As I imagined: the first peak is the shock itself, the second peak is fear and the last peak is thinking about revenge. The small peaks are: changes, loneliness, questioning, shame, feeling disabled, cautiousness.



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